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Small Animal Facts, Questions and Medical Tips: Pet Owner Blog

Hi, my name is Darma. I love rodents. I have a ferret, two guinea pigs, several rescued feeder rats and a hedgehog. I am an extremely conscientious pet owner, and I know how hard it can be to find medical tips on small animals. In some cases, it can even be challenging to find vet care for them. In this blog, I am going to write about everything I have learned in my decades of being a small pet owner. I am going to write about cleaning, nursing, feeding and taking care of small pets. I am also going to write about finding the right medical treatment for them and knowing when to seek help. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy my blog.

Small Animal Facts, Questions and Medical Tips: Pet Owner Blog

3 Tips For Making Your Dog's Stay At A Kennel Easier

Timmothy Ortiz

One of the most useful resources at your disposal as a dog owner is a kennel, but leaving your dog at a kennel can often be a frightening and very stressful experience for your dog. Listed below are just a few tips that you can follow to make your dog much more comfortable and relaxed at the kennel.

Provide Dog Food

One of the most important things that you can do to make your dog comfortable at a kennel is to bring some of his or her normal food with you. This is vital because many dogs actually have sensitive stomachs that can cause them to vomit, become constipated, or have diarrhea as a result of changing their food abruptly.

While many kennels will provide quality dog food while your dog is staying there, they will typically not object to you providing your own food. In order to make things easier for the staff, consider only bringing enough food for the duration of the dog's stay instead of a large, unopened bag that can be inconvenient for the staff to store or move around.

Bring A Toy Or Bed

Another easy way to make your dog's stay at a kennel more pleasant is to bring a toy or a piece of your dog's bedding. The familiarity of the bedding will make your dog feel more at home and let him or her relax while the toy will keep him or her occupied and entertained while he or she is sitting in the kennel. However, don't go overboard and bring a whole box of toys as your dog will be getting quite a bit of playtime with the other dogs at the kennel, provided that your dog has been fixed.

Pay For Supervised Play

Finally, consider paying for supervised playtime if your dog has a hard time getting along with other dogs or has not been fixed. Many kennels will not allow a dog that is nervous, aggressive, or unfixed to play with the other dogs at the kennel for liability reasons, but this does not mean that your dog has to sit in his or her kennel all day. You can often pay a bit extra for the boarding facility staff to take your dog out for one-on-one playtime to help him or her burn some energy and keep him or her happy. 

Contact a dog boarding facility today in order to discuss how you can make your dog more comfortable throughout his or her stay at the facility. By providing your dog with his or her normal food, a favorite toy or bed, and paying for supervised play sessions you can ensure that your dog has an easier stay at the kennel. To find out more, speak with a business like Veterinary Services by O'Sullivan Animal Hospital.